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Krista Greenaway

Krista Greenaway

Thank you, to all the brands, partners, contributors, investors and Indigenous members for taking climate action with us in 2022. Your work has been pivotal in changing the way we approach climate change, and has helped countless communities and project leaders to protect and restore nature in endangered forests worldwide. 

Read on to learn more about our impact in 2022 and the commitments we have made an even better year in 2023.

What Is An Environmental Impact Report?

An Environmental Impact Report (EIR) aims to inform the public and stakeholders about the socio-environmental impacts of a business. The reporting process is used to assess the claimed impact of a project and track the efficiency of socio-economic practices within a business and its operations. EIRs make sure that decision makers think about the likely effects of business operations on the environment at the earliest possible stage with aims to avoid, reduce or offset those effects.

One Tribe’s Impact In 2022

This year we are thrilled to announce the improvements and developments One Tribe have made in line with the B Impact framework. B Corps reporting framework measures global business operations across five main assessment criteria including; Governance, Workers, Customers, Environment, and Community.

Our B Corp Impact Report aims to bring to life the work One Tribe have achieved since certifying in January 2021 and is now an important part of our brand identity and work culture. Our 2022 report details in full how One Tribe has successfully mitigated the challenges of climate change, helped improve forest communities and supported our team to success. 

Some of our most proud achievements:

  • Achieving a B impact score of 95.2
  • Remaining true to our mission and delivering on our promises across our daily operations
  • Supporting our workforce to deliver successful operations and campaigns 
  • Doubled our team members 
  • Helped our customers to become more sustainable and support them on their journey to net zero
  • Committed ourselves to the environment enabling businesses to contribute to the protection and restoration of forests worldwide
  • Built a community of people and businesses working towards a greater collective impact on the planet


Impact Report – Achievements And Goals

One Tribe, along with our amazing brand partners, have protected thousands of acres within threatened rainforests across the globe. We are proud to say that in 2022, we funded 6 new rainforest protection projects in partnership with The Rainforest Trust helping to restore natural ecosystems and sequester high volumes of carbon from the atmosphere.

Top 100 B Corps

We are also pleased to announce that in 2022 One Tribe was awarded the Top 100 ‘Best for the World’ for our Governance. 

Governance is one of our most important pillars of trust and transparency. For One Tribe to receive this award is an important acknowledgement of the difference we are making in our mission to help businesses take climate action and support landowners with funding clean carbon offsets. By giving Indigenous and small scale land owners the tools and guidance to generate, manage and sell their own carbon offsets, underrepresented communities will be able to generate a continuous stream of income in return for the stewardship and management of their land.

Not only is Governance an important value in our work, it is a value maintained between all of our team members. 

We believe that everyone in the team has a contribution to make and together we aim to develop our strategy, deliverables and growth. There is no hierarchy. Every department interacts with one another regularly so that we maintain full transparency, visibility, traceability, and cross-departmental collaboration at all times. Good governance relies on truthful data and transparency. Every leadership team at One Tribe give employees full visibility on how the business is performing and in order to help departments manage their workload successfully over quarterly periods.

one tribe best in the world for governance 2022

Collaboration With WeTransfer

In November 2022 One Tribe collaborated with fellow B Corp WeTransfer to highlight the importance of African voices during the running of COP27. 

Our combined goal to raise awareness of the impact climate change is having on the lives of peoples and communities throughout Africa aimed to safeguard threatened regions in Uganda and voice the concerns of marginalised communities across Africa.

We successfully showcased to thousands of people the communities on the frontline of climate change who are helping to improve the socio-economic opportunities across the continent. The topic that was particularly relevant to the loss and damage funding being discussed during the event at the time. 

The result of our collaboration supported a series a four main causes that raised awareness of the socio-environmental practices these communities are responsible for, and also protected trees on behalf of the communities we chose to support. 

Download our full report to learn more about our causes and community partners. 

One Tribe WeTransfer african voices campaign

Community Growth

At One Tribe it’s important that our workforce is aligned with our vision and values. 

Our impact-lead business model revolves around communities of people and businesses working together as One Tribe to create a greater collective impact. The brands we work with, our projects, our partnerships and our employees all form part of a wider vision to protect forests through strong connection and community. 

In 2022 we doubled our workforce, bringing in specialists in partnerships, customer success, marketing, carbon projects, and technology to better improve our service offering and product quality. 

Our internal team took part in multiple events across the year, including tree planting with our customers LOFT UK. In total we were able to plant 2500 trees helping to restore native ecosystems in the UK, and collaborate on a groundwork incentive that contributes to our wider mission and reminds the team why we do what we do! 


One Tribe tree planting with Loft

Indigenous Collaboration

In 2022 One Tribe launched ‘One Tribe Indigenous Carbon’, a part-Indigenous owned carbon department led by a highly experienced management team of foresters, engineers and Indigenous advisors to help connect Indigenous Peoples around the world to forest conservation and natured-based carbon projects.

In 2023 we aim to support Indigenous and small scale land owners by giving them the tools and guidance to generate, manage and sell their own carbon offsets. As a result, existing underrepresented communities will be able to generate a continuous stream of income in return for the stewardship and management of their land.

One Tribe indigenous carbon canada team

2023 Vision

Our achievements don’t stop here and we have even more positive and ambitious goals for 2023. Our aim is to focus on carbon offsetting origination, developing and sourcing high grade nature-based carbon offsets produced by One Tribe and managed by Indigenous groups across the world.

Additionally we want to continue to grow our collective impact, helping more businesses to reach net zero through the support of nature-based solutions.

One Tribe’s Commitment To People And Nature:

Financing nature-based solutions

Nature-based solutions are in desperate need of additional finance. This will require action by the public and private sectors. It is essential that the private sector supports nature-based solutions as part of its pathways to achieve net zero. These conservation projects include social and environmental safeguards and are part of a wider mitigation strategy focused primarily on the protection and regeneration of forests.

Support Indigenous communities

One Tribe is part Indigenous-owned and aims to unite Indigenous communities with businesses worldwide in order to assist tribal communities to manage and fund their own rainforest protection projects. We effectively enable Indigenous groups to self govern and manage their offset inventory in the open carbon marketplace.

Create jobs

One Tribe will aim to build 50 unique job roles within the sustainability division including many from first nations and Indigenous team members located across the world.

Incomes indirectly increased

One Tribe aims to co-fund and generate revenue directly for Indigenous communities to self govern, manage and protect their own ancestral lands.

Improve communities

Indigenous Peoples and small scale land owners benefit from legalised land titling and tree protection that One Tribe’s conservation partners co-fund together. For these nations, protecting nature is a part of both their heritage and livelihood, which One Tribe helps to manage and facilitate for better socio-economic opportunities. 


One Tribe is on a mission to originate our own carbon offset projects with the goal to directly help finance Indigenous communities. By empowering Indigenous and forest owners globally to self create, manage, and sell their inventories using One Tribe’s tools and software, we are able to bring control back to Indigenous Peoples and support the protection of our planet.

Our aim is to continue growing our positive impact across the globe by supporting businesses in taking meaningful climate action by working together to help protect endangered forests. We recognise that sustainability is a journey and not a destination and are committed to keep moving forward.

Thank you, to everyone who has supported us this past year. We couldn’t do the work we do without us all coming together as One Tribe. 2023 will prove to be an even more impactful year and we’re ready to welcome many more businesses and projects into the Tribe! 

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Eric currently works as an independent consultant at the intersection of nature and climate, focused on catalysing market and non-market solutions to drive the just transition.

He previously was Head of Product at Earthshot Labs, supporting nature conservation and restoration projects across the global south secure project finance. Prior to Earthshot Labs, Eric led nature-based carbon project development for Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique and founded the Carbon Cooperative, a global alliance of leading nature conservation and restoration practitioners exploring carbon finance. After serving in the Peace Corps in Mozambique out of university, he spent much of his 20s working in community-based conservation and ecosystem restoration efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa interspersed with two startup ventures as co-founder and CEO of a mental health tech startup and COO of a sustainable coffee company. Eric has a dual Masters in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Policy from Stanford University where he was a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and a BS in Environmental Engineering from Tufts University.

Alan is a risk management thought-leader, superconnector, and FinTech pioneer. His mission is to enable an Earth Positive economy which includes nature in global accounting systems.

Alan is Founder of Generation Blue, a venture studio dedicated to planetary game changers powered by exponential technologies. Previously, Alan established Natural Capital Markets at Lykke AG, pioneering blockchain based forestry and carbon backed tokens. Alan has over two decades of risk management experience advising global financial institutions, and was a founding member of the RiskMetrics Group, a JPMorgan spin-off. Alan is an investor and advisor to regenerative impact ventures, including TreeBuddy.Earth, Regenativ, and Vlinder Climate.

Lori Whitecalf made history when she became the first woman to be elected Chief of Sweetgrass First Nation in 2011. She served three terms of office from 2011-2017.  

Lori took a two-year hiatus from leadership to expand the family ranch and serve as the FSIN Senior Industry Liaison. She was re-elected on November 29. 2019 and again on November 30, 2021, as Chief of Sweetgrass. Chief Whitecalf practises a traditional lifestyle of hunting, fishing and gathering. She currently sits on the following boards: Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology, FSIN Lands and Resource Commission, Battle River Treaty 6 Health Centre and Battleford Agency Tribal Chiefs Executive Council, FSIN Women’s Commission.

Tina is the Chief Business Officer for MLTC Industrial Investments, the Economic Development arm of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council. She has a diverse background of experience. Having spent 15 years as a municipal Chief Operating Officer, 20 years involved in Saskatchewan’s Health Authority Board Keewatin Yatthe and 9 years with Northern Lights Board of Education. 


She continues as a Board Member with Beaver River Community Futures supporting small business development in her home region. Tina brings a wealth of experience in a variety of fields and many connections to the Indigenous communities of Northern Saskatchewan. In addition Tina holds a BA Advanced from the U of S, a Certificate in Local Government Authority from the U of R and is certified as a Professional Economic Developer for Saskatchewan and a certified Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED).

Tootoosis’ career spans 40+ years in HRM, political leadership, and Indigenous economic development, as a dedicated bridge builder and advocate for Indigenous causes.
As a key member of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) team since 2021, he develops strategies for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report and Call to Action #92.

He is a graduate of the First Nations University of Canada and a certified Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer. Spearheading various community initiatives while serving as a Chair of the SIEDN while directing ILDII and WIBF. Founder of MGT Consulting Tootoosis is based in Saskatoon, Treaty Six Territory.

Cy Standing (Wakanya Najin in Dakota) has a long and distinguished career including serving overseas as an Electronics Technician in the Royal Canadian Air Force, former Chief of Wahpeton Dakota Nation, former Vice Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indigenous Nations (FSIN), past Executive Director of Community Development Branch of the Department of Northern Saskatchewan as well as an Order in Council appointment to the Federal Parole Board.  

Mr. Standing has served as a Director on many Profit and Non-Profit Corporate Boards, including serving as a Director for Affinity Credit Union with assets of over six billion dollars as well as IMI Brokerage and Wanuskewin and is currently a member of the One Tribe Indigenous Carbon Board.