One Tribe Partners With LOFT UK

One Tribe Partners Up With Loft UK
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Krista Greenaway

We recently celebrated our partnership with LOFT UK at their annual tree planting day in the British peak district. Read more to find out how One Tribe is now working with LOFT to beat climate change and reduce business carbon footprint.

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We are delighted to announce LOFT UK has joined One Tribe to protect trees in endangered regions across the globe. Our work together means that we can now actively reduce the impact on our environment and start using nature as a tool to limit the force of climate change for good.

Read more to learn how LOFT have established themselves as a highly successful sustainable business and their most recent work with One Tribe. 

Who are Loft UK?

LOFT UK tree planting day with One Tribe
photo credit: Kate Derbyshire / Loft UK

Furniture retailers, tailored service providers, interior design experts, and most recently container homes developers – Loft UK could be considered the dab hands of housing services. They offer a range of services that cater to a variety of markets including students, landlords, and the public. And have established themselves as one of the largest residential service providers in the UK.

They have become known for their multifaceted approach to sustainability where they are reversing the trade stigma by actively limiting their impact on the environment. Their partners and approach to both environmental and social causes have made LOFT one of the most proactive companies making a significant contribution to the planet’s longevity.

Why One Tribe joined forces with LOFT

tree planting day out for businesses
photo credit: Kate Derbyshire / Loft UK

Like One Tribe, Loft understands that sustainability is a responsibility not a choice. Their excitement for overcoming environmental and social issues has become something that blends into their daily operations. The people-first company has set the bar for other businesses to follow in their footsteps by implementing numerous sustainability practices.

Recycling and waste management

Conscious that not enough effort is being made to improve the footprint of the mass retail industry, LOFT are determined to solve – not add to – the problem. They work with specialists who recycle high-waste household items like mattresses and reuse the raw materials for multiple different uses.

And it’s not just mattresses they are steering away from landfills. The team currently holds a 96% landfill diversion rate – yet continue to work towards that 100% mark. Anything that can’t be recycled is sent to a refuse-derived facility (RDF) and is converted to clean electricity.

They also up-cycle furniture where possible by donating old pieces to charity partners across the UK. 


woman using iphone to take an image of nature and tree plating activities
photo credit: Kate Derbyshire / Loft UK

Quality materials 

LOFT only ever works with products of high quality. Making them last longer and minimising the risk of wear and tear and the need for replacement products. They have even designed their exclusive Regenerate Mattresses. Made in the UK from 95% recycled materials to create an eco-friendly, opulent mattress.

Giving back to nature

LOFT is fully aware of the toll business operations can take on the natural environment. And while they admit that it’s not always easy to find solutions to every problem, they continue to give back to the planet in any way that they can. This includes their tree planting pledge to plant one tree for every apartment they furnish. One Tribe even visited LOFT this year at their annual tree planting event where we planted over 2,700 trees together!

Most recently, LOFT have partnered with us at One Tribe to further improve their relationship with nature. By protecting trees across endangered regions, they are helping not only to restore some of nature’s most dynamic landscapes, but to maintain a healthy number of trees that can effectively sequester large volumes of toxic emissions produced by businesses. 

Loft UK tree planting day woman planting trees in the ground

Partnership with One Tribe

We are immensely excited to assist LOFT in their journey to Net Zero by working to safeguard nature’s most valuable carbon sink – rainforests.

Every product sold by LOFT now funds One Tribe’s conservation partners to continue protecting rainforests worldwide. Once a sale is made online, a small portion of that sale is then automatically donated to conservation projects across the world. Meaning customers can instantly save endangered landscapes with just the click of a button.

Funding the protection and regeneration of forests is one of the best ways we can actively reduce our impact on the planet. Mature trees have the ability to absorb an average of 10 to 40 kg of CO2 per year. Meaning we can reduce a business’s carbon footprint by preserving trees that absorb high volumes of carbon By supporting One Tribe projects, the team at LOFT are now actively reducing their environmental footprint and contributing to a brighter future for our planet. So far in 2022, the team has protected 162,000 trees and counting! 

Loft climate action page trees protected figure
loft one tribe climate action stats showing trees protected carbon stored acres saved and emissions


One Tribe is dedicated to helping businesses grow more sustainably and reach their Net Zero goals faster. By working with One Tribe, brands can save huge areas of forest, reducing a company’s environmental footprint and preventing deforestation. 

Thank you LOFT for working with us towards this goal! 

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Eric currently works as an independent consultant at the intersection of nature and climate, focused on catalysing market and non-market solutions to drive the just transition.

He previously was Head of Product at Earthshot Labs, supporting nature conservation and restoration projects across the global south secure project finance. Prior to Earthshot Labs, Eric led nature-based carbon project development for Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique and founded the Carbon Cooperative, a global alliance of leading nature conservation and restoration practitioners exploring carbon finance. After serving in the Peace Corps in Mozambique out of university, he spent much of his 20s working in community-based conservation and ecosystem restoration efforts in Sub-Saharan Africa interspersed with two startup ventures as co-founder and CEO of a mental health tech startup and COO of a sustainable coffee company. Eric has a dual Masters in Environmental Engineering and Environmental Policy from Stanford University where he was a NSF Graduate Research Fellow and a BS in Environmental Engineering from Tufts University.

Alan is a risk management thought-leader, superconnector, and FinTech pioneer. His mission is to enable an Earth Positive economy which includes nature in global accounting systems.

Alan is Founder of Generation Blue, a venture studio dedicated to planetary game changers powered by exponential technologies. Previously, Alan established Natural Capital Markets at Lykke AG, pioneering blockchain based forestry and carbon backed tokens. Alan has over two decades of risk management experience advising global financial institutions, and was a founding member of the RiskMetrics Group, a JPMorgan spin-off. Alan is an investor and advisor to regenerative impact ventures, including TreeBuddy.Earth, Regenativ, and Vlinder Climate.

Lori Whitecalf made history when she became the first woman to be elected Chief of Sweetgrass First Nation in 2011. She served three terms of office from 2011-2017.  

Lori took a two-year hiatus from leadership to expand the family ranch and serve as the FSIN Senior Industry Liaison. She was re-elected on November 29. 2019 and again on November 30, 2021, as Chief of Sweetgrass. Chief Whitecalf practises a traditional lifestyle of hunting, fishing and gathering. She currently sits on the following boards: Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology, FSIN Lands and Resource Commission, Battle River Treaty 6 Health Centre and Battleford Agency Tribal Chiefs Executive Council, FSIN Women’s Commission.

Tina is the Chief Business Officer for MLTC Industrial Investments, the Economic Development arm of the Meadow Lake Tribal Council. She has a diverse background of experience. Having spent 15 years as a municipal Chief Operating Officer, 20 years involved in Saskatchewan’s Health Authority Board Keewatin Yatthe and 9 years with Northern Lights Board of Education. 


She continues as a Board Member with Beaver River Community Futures supporting small business development in her home region. Tina brings a wealth of experience in a variety of fields and many connections to the Indigenous communities of Northern Saskatchewan. In addition Tina holds a BA Advanced from the U of S, a Certificate in Local Government Authority from the U of R and is certified as a Professional Economic Developer for Saskatchewan and a certified Technician Aboriginal Economic Developer (TAED).

Tootoosis’ career spans 40+ years in HRM, political leadership, and Indigenous economic development, as a dedicated bridge builder and advocate for Indigenous causes.
As a key member of the Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA) team since 2021, he develops strategies for the Truth and Reconciliation Commission final report and Call to Action #92.

He is a graduate of the First Nations University of Canada and a certified Professional Aboriginal Economic Developer. Spearheading various community initiatives while serving as a Chair of the SIEDN while directing ILDII and WIBF. Founder of MGT Consulting Tootoosis is based in Saskatoon, Treaty Six Territory.

Cy Standing (Wakanya Najin in Dakota) has a long and distinguished career including serving overseas as an Electronics Technician in the Royal Canadian Air Force, former Chief of Wahpeton Dakota Nation, former Vice Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indigenous Nations (FSIN), past Executive Director of Community Development Branch of the Department of Northern Saskatchewan as well as an Order in Council appointment to the Federal Parole Board.  

Mr. Standing has served as a Director on many Profit and Non-Profit Corporate Boards, including serving as a Director for Affinity Credit Union with assets of over six billion dollars as well as IMI Brokerage and Wanuskewin and is currently a member of the One Tribe Indigenous Carbon Board.